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The History of Rotamundos

After Javier Cardenas founded Orcius as his first company and saw it develop successfully, he started looking for a new business model that could have a positive impact on cultures and nature as a way of making business in order for it to become a Unicorn.


On September 16, 2016, Javier launched Chichen ika México, an online Marketplace that traded handicrafts and products made by the people of indigenous communities, using the best e-commerce practices. All this, with the mission of promoting the artisan work that the ancient people of Mexico have been doing for decades or even centuries.


After Chichen ika México started to have an important success, Javier started to explore new ways for helping indigenous communities.


Chichen ika México acquired its main competitor, MuyMuy Mexicano, a Company that had been growing quickly. From then on, both companies merged under the name of MuyMuy Mexicano.


After an exhaustive evaluation of business models combining sustainability and e-commerce, Javier co Later on, Javier was invited as the youngest judge ever to participate as part of the jury for the Enactus World Cup at Silicon Valley. There he had the opportunity to exchange opinions about the model of Hoteles MuyMuy Mexicanos with other judges and developed an even broader view for it.

Soon, the scope of Hoteles MuyMuy Mexicanos went from only having hotels in Mexico, to start a whole network of hotels, hostels, bungalows and glampings across Latin America; because of that, Javier started looking for new names for the Project, which brought along the name Trotamundos.

Javier then started looking for strategic talents that were needed for Trotamundos and invited them to build up together this Startup that is meant to make history. Each one of them left their previous job, excited to become part of the early team that today conforms the company’s Management Team.

During the first round of investment, $400,000 USD were secured as a pre-seed funding in December 2019.


On January 6, 2020 the business operations officially started with the Management Team. During the first meetings Rotamundos was selected as the final brand for this startup.

More staff were hired to fill positions in the marketing, sales, expansión, administration, architecture and call center departaments.

The next round of investment secured $1,000,000 USD as an extensión of the pre-seed funding.

From now on, we are making history together.