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Digital Nomads

This section is dedicated to those who know their true home is in the here and the now.

A nomad these days is someone who lives where he wants and for as long as he wants. When she falls in love with a place, she makes it her home for a season. But also, if he decides to live his life while traveling, he will do so. Being a nomad means a lot of freedom of choice and very few geographical ties. Furthermore, a digital nomad, is someone with the above peculiarities, but whose work is based on new technologies. Her productive tools are her computer and her smartphone and she can work from wherever she is, whether it's creating an internet page for a client from the terrace on a bar in Oaxaca’s beachside in Mexico, giving an online class for Colombian, Argentinian, Chilean and Mexican students from a coffee shop at Costa Rica or give a remote consultancy from the mountain in Bali, Indonesia. All this is possible, as long as he or she has the adequate work tools and ideally a good internet connection.

We know what you want, we know what you are looking for and we know what you need. Rotamundos is a community of travelers who believe in freedom and who want to help you achieve it. This is why we have created Rotamundos Living, a lodging alternative that allows you to stay for long periods in lodging establishments such as hotels, hostels or bungalows, paying much less than what a tourist would pay for each hotel night at the same place, with all the comforts of a formal accommodation, designed to fulfill its guests’ needs.

At Rotamundos Living, you can book your accommodation for periods longer than 30 days and you will have the option of choosing the level of service you want the establishment to provide. So you will be able to request for your room to be cleaned daily, or if you want to save a little more money and have more independence, you can request that the room gets cleaned less frequently.

We know that you have various needs that hotels often do not cover for their guests, such as laundry service, a place to cook or store your food, the option to receive visits or to have a meeting, or many others. This is why many of our Rotamundos Living accommodations have developed alternatives to meet those needs, and thus working from afar is pleasant and easy.

Now that you have learned about this sensational alternative that we offer for digital nomads, come live and travel with Rotamundos and discover our great network of destinations in Latin America.

Remember that you are now a Rotamundos Traveler and that we believe in the respect for nature, culture and the places we visit, so try to pack biodegradable or environmentally friendly items, take with you a reusable water bottle. During your trip, always choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport available, avoid generating unnecessary garbage, and in case you do, take it with you to a container, preferably separating it. Try to consume products made with local materials and that benefit local families too, always opting for fair trade. And finally, remember that each place has its own customs, traditions and culture, so enjoy the cultural contrasts and respect the differences, since the local people are our hosts and we like being good guests. So, let's leave things better than we found them to preserve them and be able to enjoy them again.

Have a great stay!