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Moctezuma’s Trail

"Follow the footsteps of the great emperors and conquerors of the Aztec empire"

A few years after the Spanish people first arrived in Mexico with the discovery of America, the Mexicas or Aztecs were one of the most powerful peoples in Mesoamerica, and their Huey Tlatoani or great emperor was Moctezuma Xocoyotzin, who, had the goal of structuring his domains, therefore he arranged the empire into different provinces with a strong central administration and an organized tax system. In order to accomplish this, he used effective roads through which merchants, religious leaders, and the military traveled, strongly encouraging exchange, commerce and travel, generating some of the first signs of tourism in Mexico.

The roads of the Moctezuma’s empire in some sections were up to eight meters wide and were frequently traveled by voyagers, merchants and messengers, who largely traveled on foot to their respective destinations, carrying loads on their backs. When the Spanish conquerors first saw these roads, they were impressed, and when describing them to their people back in Europe, Cortés emphasized the remarkable work they had put on making this roads and how they connected a one side of a lagoon with the great city of Tenochtitlán running on the middle of said lagoon: which according to him, was as wide as two spears and very well worked; so much so that eight horses can go for it, he stated.

Currently, in honor of the history and legacy of the Moctezuma roads, as well as the legend that told how the painanis or messengers of the Aztec Emperor went running from Veracruz to bring fresh fish to the Emperor all the way to the great Tenochtitlan, many travelers go on a journey on the same route, whilst visiting some of the most important tourist spots along the way and bringing back to life the emotions that arise when someone follows the footsteps of the Mexican ancestors.

This route, which is traditionally done by foot or bicycle, takes approximately 10 to 15 days of walking or two to five days of cycling, allows travelers to get to know some of the most important spots along the route. And Rotamundos has prepared different accommodation options and experiences for you so that you can travel the route always finding a safe place stay, as well as doing it in the most comfortable way.

We recommend you visit the Rotamundos destination map so you can check out the main stops on the Camino de Moctezuma and what they can offer. So you can choose the places that most attract your attention to stay on the road. Also remember to go to our website, so you can have access to incredible discounts for our community when booking your accommodation. There you will also be able to choose from various unique alternatives to stay. So, choose the place that best suits your taste and needs along your destination. Take advantage of the fact that we offer you different forms of payment to make your reservation easier and your trip more pleasant.

In addition, you can sign up to live unique, daring and different experiences to create memories for a lifetime, that's why at the Rotamundos Experiences section you can find and book the best activities of each destination at special rates, backed by our community and the trust that you count on us to facilitate your planning, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Remember that you are now a Rotamundos Traveler and that we believe in the respect for nature, culture and the places we visit, so try to pack biodegradable or environmentally friendly items, take with you a reusable water bottle. During your trip, always choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport available, avoid generating unnecessary garbage, and in case you do, take it with you to a container, preferably separating it. Try to consume products made with local materials and that benefit local families too, always opting for fair trade. And finally, remember that each place has its own customs, traditions and culture, so enjoy the cultural contrasts and respect the differences, since the local people are our hosts and we like being good guests. So, let's leave things better than we found them to preserve them and be able to enjoy them again.

Have a spectacular journey!