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Sabbatical Leave

Living the Dream!

That is what a sabbatical year would be to almost anyone: a Dream; a whole year, dedicated to whatever you like the most, or what you are most passionate about. For some, it may be a year to rest and reflect; for others it is a year to dedicate to your body and health with meditation and exercise; or it may be a year to learn, either by taking a course or learning some skill such as playing an instrument; there are those who use it to undertake a pending project or business and there are those who prefer to venture out to start a trip touring a country, a region, a continent or even the world. In any case, a gap year is an experience that marks the life of any person as an important milestone and after which people change and grow hugely.

In Rotamundos we believe in freedom, adventure and living nature and cultures from within, that is why we love that you have chosen us as your hosts on your sabbatical year, and whether you plan to choose a single destination to live this great adventure or you have decided to stay permanently on the route discoverying new places, count on to be a helping hand on every destination.

If your choice has been to stay in one place or in a few places during your gap year, we recommend you take advantage of the options that Rotamundos Living offers, with long-term accommodation (for more than 30 days) where you can stay in one of our hotels, hostels or accommodation establishments conditioned so that you can feel at home but with the comforts of a hotel and at prices well below of what a tourist would pay per night. This option is ideal if you want to stay for several weeks in the same destination.

Now, if what you want is to stay on the road, exploring many destinations and traveling as much as you can, we suggest using our destination map to help you plan your route and book hotels, hostels, cabins, glampings or other Rotamundos’ accommodation options to make your experience more diverse and fun. If you are going through a gap year you are probably looking to save some money. You can do it by booking on our website, since we permanently have special offers and discounts for our Rotamundos community.

Remember that you are now a Rotamundos Traveler and that we believe in the respect for nature, culture and the places we visit, so try to pack biodegradable or environmentally friendly items, take with you a reusable water bottle. During your trip, always choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport available, avoid generating unnecessary garbage, and in case you do, take it with you to a container, preferably separating it. Try to consume products made with local materials and that benefit local families too, always opting for fair trade. And finally, remember that each place has its own customs, traditions and culture, so enjoy the cultural contrasts and respect the differences, since the local people are our hosts and we like being good guests. So, let's leave things better than we found them to preserve them and be able to enjoy them again.

Have the time of your life!