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Travel on a budget

The best money you can spend is the one we spend on traveling, even if it’s just a little.

Many believe that traveling has to be expensive, but the truth is that the best experiences that we can live during a trip are often the least expensive ones. Furthermore, experienced travelers know that if you travel smart, you can save tons of money.

At Rotamundos we know that traveling opens our minds and hearts to broader horizons in this globalized society. Travel makes us more tolerant, and better humans. For this reason, we want everyone to be able to travel, and in order to accomplish that, we are going to help you organize your trip and embark on that journey that you want to take.

The first thing you need to go on a low budget trip is, of course, saving some money. This savings can be achieved in many different ways, such as making small sacrifices like depriving yourself of that little morning coffee from the shop on your way to work; quitting for a while the after-office beers on Fridays; or unsubscribing from your stream service for a couple of months. Another way to get the money for it, is generating a small additional income that we could get by doing some jobs for our friends, neighbors or family in exchange for some payment, some ideas are: helping an elderly person to make a website for their business, or offer to wash the cars on our street. After all, the more creative you get, the easier this will be.

Since we know that the above may sometimes not be enough, at Rotamundos we offer you a third option: you can enter the section TRAVEL WITH CAUSE of our website and create an account with cause. In your profile you will describe where you want to travel (you can visit our destination map to choose some options) and you will tell everyone who follows your profile, what is the cause that inspires you to make that trip (get to know other cultures, learn something new, make new friends, go on your bachelor party, traveling for a wedding anniversary, finding yourself, going to help some community, finding the love of your life, or whatever motivates you to make that trip.

Once you have created your cause, you can set the financial goal you need to reach, in order to be able to make your trip, and you can share the DONATE FOR MY TRIP WITH A CAUSE button with all your friends, family, social network contacts or whoever you want. All of them will be able to contribute to your traveling cause with as much money as they can or want!

If you want to travel cheap, you will always find better prices and promotions at, in addition to being able to book options designed for travelers who want to save money, such as our hostels and alternative accommodations.

Remember that you are now a Rotamundos Traveler, and that we believe in the respect for nature, culture and the places we visit, so try to pack biodegradable or environmentally friendly items, take with you a reusable water bottle. During your trip, always choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport available, avoid generating unnecessary garbage, and in case you do, take it with you to a container, preferably separating it. Try to consume products made with local materials and that benefit local families too, always opting for fair trade. And finally, remember that each place has its own customs, traditions and culture, so enjoy the cultural contrasts and respect the differences, since the local people are our hosts and we like being good guests. So, let's leave things better than we found them, to preserve them and be able to enjoy them again.

Have an awesome trip!