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Alone Traveler

Traveling alone is probably the most liberating experience you can have in life, so go on and try it at least once!

Without a doubt, a trip can be one of the most memorable experiences in your life, and there are many ways to travel: as a couple; with friends; with family; in organized groups; with coworkers; and in as many ways as we can imagine. But a completely unique way of traveling, is to go on a journey alone. Maybe you are traveling by yourself because nobody was able to join your travel plans; because you want a trip just for yourself or because you want to travel to get to know other travelers from diverse backgrounds. And contrary to popular belief, traveling alone does not necessarily mean being alone during the journey. That is why at Rotamundos we recommend two options on our platform so that, during your independent trip, you can have the opportunity to meet more people.

Our first suggestion is that yo go to the accommodation section within our website and look out for our hostels. Because even if we will receive you with special attention in all our accommodation options, the experience you can live in our hostels is more likely to match your solo kind of traveling. Because it will make it easier for you on getting to know other travelers, seek adventures together and share your journey. In a very unique way, hostels will usually offer a chilled atmosphere and a warm welcome. Completed with shared spaces, such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens or even shared dorms that encourages the interaction between travelers. And by staying at a Rotamundos hostel, you will surely be able to save a little more on your travel expenses if you choose this option.

* Remember that in you will find special deals to stay in our hotels, hostels, cabins, glampings and alternative accommodation for a lower rate than in other sites.

A very important tip is that when traveling alone, you take some security precautions, so no one has to be worried about you back home. Remember that when you book your accommodation or experiences with Rotamundos, we will send you an email with the confirmation of your bookings. This email includes the contact details of the place where you will be staying or of the Rotamundos’ Hosts that will take you to live the experience that you have reserved. We suggest that you share that information with someone you trust in case of an unforeseen event.

Remember that you are now a Rotamundos Traveler and that we believe in the respect for nature, culture and the places we visit, so try to pack biodegradable or environmentally friendly items, take with you a reusable water bottle. During your trip, always choose the most environmentally friendly means of transport available, avoid generating unnecessary garbage, and in case you do, take it with you to a container, preferably separating it. Try to consume products made with local materials and that benefit local families too, always opting for fair trade. And finally, remember that each place has its own customs, traditions and culture, so enjoy the cultural contrasts and respect the differences, since the local people are our hosts and we like being good guests. So, let's leave things better than we found them to preserve them and be able to enjoy them again.

Have a great trip!